Renew your passport!

Processing times on renewals are currently circa 300 years whilst our archaic systems fumble their way through the post COVID surge of convicts heading to Mykonos. If you've an expired (or expiring) passport we highly recommend getting your application in this side of Christmas so you're not left scrambling closer to the date!

Getting to New Zealand

Auckland city is a three or so hour flight from Sydney (the trip back is an extra halfa). Air New Zealand, Qantas and Jetstar all offer direct flights to Auckland from Sydney. For anyone coming from the Northern Hemisphere, sorry - you'll want some sleeping pills.

Getting to Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is a 35 minute ferry ride from Auckland. Fullers360 runs the Auckland to Waiheke ferry from downtown Auckland to Matiatia ferry terminal in Waiheke Island (grab a return ticket unless you plan on living on Waiheke after the wedding).

If you fancy renting a motor in Auckland, Sealink operates a drive-on drive-off vehicle and passenger ferry daily from Half Moon Bay in Auckland to Kennedy Point ferry terminal in Waiheke Island. If you're not bringing a car over you can book one on the island with Waiheke Rental Cars and Waiheke Auto Rentals.

Buses and taxis are available once you hit Waiheke to get you to the main village of Oneroa or to your accommodation. Though in our experience, taxis range from fairly priced to outright price gouging so if you're not renting a motor we'd recommend jumping on a bus for that first leg from the terminal (if you're swinging over from Auckland on the day just for the wedding, see below as we'll be providing buses to and from the venue).

For more general information on Waiheke island, check out the Waiheke Island information Office or Waiheke Local

Getting To Mudbrick

We've booked private buses to get you to and from our wedding venue. Pick-up and drop-off points will include the Matiatia ferry terminal for those travelling over from Auckland on the day, as well as from pick up points around the village of Oneroa if you're staying on the island. Parking is limited at Mudbrick so we'd love for you to get there via our buses or a cab so that staff, suppliers and the wedding party can park up if needed (it's a wedding at a vineyard, who's really gonna drive anyway?).

More details about specific pick up and drop off times for the buses to come.

Waiheke Island Map

Key landmarks:

  • Matiatia Ferry Terminal (marked 'Waiheke Ferry Terminal' on map) is where the passenger ferry arrives from Auckland
  • Kennedy Point Ferry Terminal is where the vehicle & passenger ferry arrives from Auckland
  • Mudbrick Vineyard (the location of the party!)
  • Main village of Oneroa